The Thread Exchange Review

The Thread Exchange Review, The Thread Exchange is a website that sells needles and thread online. However, this company has been accepting walk-in customers since 2005. They also sell knitting needles and threads. To find out more about The Thread Exchange, read our review below. Located in New York City, this website sells all kinds of needles and thread. While they accept orders over the phone, they are happy to meet customers in person. The company’s customer service is excellent.

OMNI by Superior Threads

The versatility and color of OMNI by Superior Threads has made it a favorite of longarm quilters. Its polyester core is wrapped in poly to make it stronger, and it is also a better choice for quilting on a longarm machine. It comes in 172 solid colors. Listed below are the top reasons why OMNI is a favorite choice among longarm quilters. Each thread offers a slightly different texture and can be used for different projects.

The poly-wrapped poly core thread is designed for high-speed sewing, and is a good choice for bobbin and top thread applications. Made of polyester, it is available in rusty color. This thread will not snag or get stuck during a long project. This thread also comes in a variety of colors, including a rusty-red option. Superior Threads offers free shipping specials for all of their products.

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