The FTX Crypto Cup

The FTX Crypto Cup, In a world where Elon Musk is at the center of all the buzz and controversy, a team of chess players and a leading cryptocurrency exchange have come together to create the FTX Crypto Cup. The chess-loving FTX has partnered with a number of renowned cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, in a chess tournament that will take place in the coming days. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the players’ stories from the FTX Crypto Cup.

Magnus Carlsen won the FTX Crypto Cup

In the FTX Crypto Cup, Magnus Carlsen beat Wesley So in a dramatic Armageddon match. In the final game of the tournament, the White player has five minutes to win. The chess world is abuzz with this game. If you missed it, you can watch it now. If you missed it, you can catch the games on live events platforms. It’s an exciting time to be a chess fan!

The FTX Crypto Cup has a unique prize pool of $220,000 in cash and 2.1825 Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s price has dropped over the last two weeks, but the prize money is still worth a cool $86,000 as of Tuesday night. Carlsen is the +100 favorite, but there are several other strong players who could surprise him. Wesley So is the +600 favorite, while Anish Giri is the +700 favorite. The winner will face either Wesley So or Maxime Vachier-Lagrave.

After winning the FTX Crypto Cup last year, Magnus Carlsen is still active in chess. He is currently playing matches ahead of the Grand Chess Tour in Croatia, and the Olympiad in Chennai. The FTX Crypto Cup is a great way to get bitcoin and keep the winning streak going. The FTX Crypto Cup is a great way to get into the quarterfinals, and Magnus is one of the leading players in the world.

With the $60,000 first prize and 0.6 bitcoin from tournament sponsor FTX, Magnus Carlsen became the first bitcoin chess champion. This victory extends his lead on the $1.5 million Meltwater Champions Chess Tour table. He also avenged two losses against Wesley So in previous finals. He defeated him in the Armageddon play-off as well.

Levon Aronian qualified for the FTX Road to Miami

Levon Aronian qualified for the upcoming FTX Crypto Cup, the sixth Major event of the season, with a win on Sunday against Chinese Grandmaster Wei Yi. The tournament will feature eight players and a $150,000 prize pool, with the top prize going to Levon Aronian. Aronian was the seventh qualifier from the prelims, having won five of six games. He won all three of his games with black pieces.

Levon Aronian has been on a tear in recent years, and recently qualified for the FTX Road to Miami. In the last four months, he’s won several major tournaments. In April 2022, he tied for first in the Superbet Chess Classic, finishing one point behind world number one Magnus Carlsen. In the same month, he won the Young Masters tournament in Lausanne, and in August was equal first at the International Neckar Open. In addition, Aronian won the FTX Road to Miami online event and qualified for the FTX Crypto Cup.

In addition to claiming the title, Aronian also won the Meltwater Chess Tour, where he won the grand final against Wei Yi. With his victory over Wei Yi, he became the highest-rated player in the tournament. This means that he’ll face the eight top performers in Miami. While this means that Aronian may be the favourite to win the FTX Road to Miami, he’ll need to prove himself over the next two months.

In the FTX Road to Miami online rapid chess tournament, Levon Aronian topped Arjun Erigaisi 2.5-1.5. Although Erigaisi won the first game, he let go of a favorable position in the second game, and Levon Aronian made it to the semifinals. The final was a wild affair, with both players missing clear winning opportunities.

Wesley So lost

The FTX Crypto Cup semifinals have been set, and Wesley So is the first seed from China. After winning two sets over Anish Giri and a draw against Teimour Radjabov, Wesley So will take on Magnus Carlsen in the final. Wesley So is currently the pacesetter in the $1.5 million Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. However, he lost the semifinals to Magnus Carlsen, who beat Fabiano Caruana in tiebreakers.

GM Wesley So went 29 games unbeaten during the FTX Crypto Cup, and was tied in two games against Magnus Carlsen, who had won the previous two tournaments. However, Wesley So suffered a shocking loss in the first match, as he fell victim to a trap in the opening. He lost the first game, with White pieces, but won the second one with Black. Magnus Carlsen’s performance deteriorated as he had problems sleeping.

FTX Crypto Cup is the only ATP event in the world where four players from the world’s best players are left. After a tiebreaker on Day one, Wesley So had the upper hand, but he had to fight through Magnus on Day two. Fortunately, the final set of their semifinal match was the closest So and Nepomniachtchi would come. Both players will have to play the final five games of their semifinals in order to be the best, so it’s imperative to see both sides.

In the last game of the tournament, Magnus Carlsen had to fight for a draw with white pieces, but this wasn’t enough. The match ended in a draw and the title went to Wesley So, who is the toughest player to beat in the world. The FTX Crypto Cup was held May 23 to May 31 on chess24. The prize fund for this event is $220,000. The winner receives 2.1825 Bitcoin as a bonus.

Nepomniachtchi beat Radjabov

Ian Nepomniachtchi beat Teimour Radjabov 2-0 in the quarterfinals of the FTX Crypto Cup, the tournament’s first ever semi-final. The match was incredibly tough – Radjabov forced four draws and managed to get all the way to the quarterfinals unbeaten. Wesley So, on the other hand, came back from a crushing blow to take the lead in the third game. However, after Carlsen took a crushing blow in the fourth game, Teimour Rajdabov fashioned a brilliant counter-offensive to outfox his rival, and took him out of his prepared lines.

The second semi-final saw Wesley So defeat Ian Nepomniachtchi, and Temur Radjabov draw against Magnus Carlsen. Eventually, Nepo beat Radjabov, but fell short of joining Carlsen and Radjabov in the world championship match. Ultimately, Nepo will take home a $25,000 prize, and Radjabov will earn a direct ticket to the world championship match in 2022.

In the second semifinal, GM Wesley So has a one-point lead, and needs to win by two game points to secure a spot in the final. If he wins, he will face either GM Teimour Radjabov or GM Magnus Carlsen. GM Wesley So will be broadcasting the match on his Twitch channel every day.

The FTX Crypto Cup is the sixth event of the $1.5 million Meltwater Champions Chess Tour 2020-21. Games were played on the chess24 Playzone from 23 to 31 May. The first three days were 16-player round robins with a fifteen-minute time control, plus ten seconds for each move. Games started at 16:00 CET, 15 minutes before midnight.

Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa qualified for the FTX Road to Miami

In the first tournament of the season, Rameshbabu Praggnandhaa has qualified for the FTX Road to Miami. The competition will feature 16 players, each fighting for one of the two remaining spots at the FTX Crypto Cup, which will be held in Miami in August. World number two Ding Liren and rising star Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa have each qualified for the FTX Road to Miami.

The tournament will feature the world’s top players, offering up to 150000 dollars in prize money. Some of the top names competing will be Levon Aronian, a rising American star, Leinier Dominguez, a resident of Miami, Sam Shankland, and many others. Also competing will be young talents such as Jeffrey Xiong, Hans Niemann, and Samuel Sevian.

The FTX Road to Miami will determine the next Tour Major. The winners will be selected from the FTX Road to Miami and the FTX Crypto Cup 2022, which will take place live in Miami in August. The FTX Road to Miami will take place July 10-17. The FTX Crypto Cup 2022 will be held live in Miami from August 15-21.

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