Newforma Info Exchange Enhancements

Newforma Info Exchange Enhancements, You can now create record document packages from within the Newforma Project Center. You can also allow external project team members to review submittals via the Info Exchange. The most recent update makes these features available via the Info Exchange as logs. Here are some of the most significant enhancements. You should also check out the list of known issues in the Info Exchange and what’s new in the next release. You can read the entire list of known issues here.

Project Center users can now create record document packages

This feature is available to internal and external users of the Newforma Info Exchange Project Center. Specifically, this feature allows users to create record document packages and edit existing records. This feature is also available for the Newforma Plans mobile application. To configure the features of this new feature, first, open the Project Center Administration activity center. From the Activities list or Tasks panel, select Administration. On the Administration tab, click Edit Project Settings.

External project team members can review submittals via Info Exchange

To invite external project team members to review submittals, open a markup session, and then select “Add a Project Item.” Then, select the relevant project item icon from the Related Items tab. You can also add a web link in the CC field, which will be emailed to those on the external project team. Once a web link is added, external project team members can review submittals via newforma Info Exchange.

Action Complete status is added to many logs

To add Action Complete status to a log, select the “Action Items” tab. On the Action Items log toolbar, you can toggle between groups by panel and column filters. Drag the Action Complete column to change it. You can then edit the action item’s details and send email notifications to the appropriate contacts. Action Completed status is added to many logs on the Newforma info exchange.

Automated transfer expiration (deletion)

You can automate the process of transferring project files by using the Newforma Info Exchange Server. The Newforma Info Exchange Server overcomes the file size limitations of email. It integrates with the Project Center workflow and packages selected files and XREFs for upload to the Info Exchange website. The Info Exchange Server is hosted on the company’s IT infrastructure. When you use it, you’ll have the ability to control the delivery and expiration of files.

Shared folders are folders containing project files

Information is stored in a shared folder in Info Exchange. This allows members of a project to collaborate and exchange information securely. Users may receive notifications when new files are uploaded to a shared folder. Users may download files in a shared folder, download specific files, or download entire subfolders. Then, they can upload new information to the folder. When working on the same project, the information from shared folders will be automatically synchronized with the website.

Email notifications are provided

Several new features have been added to Newforma Info Exchange. Action Complete status indicates that the contact has finished the work, while Existing Completed indicates that the work has been reviewed and confirmed. The action complete date is displayed along with the Action Completed % complete. The new status also contains an Action Completed type, which is used for numbering. Action Completed days overdue indicates how many calendar days are past the original due date.

Shared folders can be compared between two versions of a drawing

Using the Compare feature of the Newforma info exchange viewer, you can find the differences between two versions of a drawing. By color-coding additions and deletions, the compare feature lets you quickly identify the differences between two drawings. This feature saves you time by allowing you to concentrate on coordination issues and evaluating costs and quantity. With the help of the compare feature, you can easily compare two versions of a drawing in seconds.

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