King Finance Trade Reviews – Is It Safe?

King Finance Trade Reviews, We’ve looked at many king finance trade reviews, but this review focuses on its lack of SEC regulation and anonymous owners. It offers publicly traded crypto assets without insurance, and doesn’t have a trade license, which is a fitness test for MLM Ponzi schemes. In addition, the company is offering the same percentage of affiliate commissions as Watermine, 2% for the last tier (Level 4). Therefore, it is difficult to determine whether King Finance Trade is legitimate or not.

king finance trade is a clone of Watermine

Before investing in cryptocurrency, it’s vital to find a reputable trading platform. King Finance Trade is a clone of the Watermine program, but is it safe? While Watermine was a scam, King Finance is an opportunistic rip-off of a legit system. The reason this company is not safe is that it’s not a registered entity and does not have the required documentation. This fact should give you pause before you invest in King Finance Trade.

One of the major concerns with King Finance is that it does not disclose its physical address or contact information, leaving investors to assume that they can’t get in touch with them. Customers have complained of not receiving emails, or of King Finance stealing their data. This lack of transparency is especially concerning considering that cryptocurrencies are not regulated by governments. This means that fraudsters are less likely to reveal their identity.

The reason why King Finance is a clone of Water mine is that the company promises high returns for as little as $10. This is not realistic, and legit crypto mining ventures never advertise figures that high. King Finance is only trying to fool more people into wasting their time and money. The company claims to have four investment accounts and a daily ROI of 2% for three months.

king finance trade is a Ponzi scheme

King Finance trade is a Ponzi scheme and it has been operating since 2013. While King Finance claims to be mining and trading cryptos, the company doesn’t actually have any running rigs or any other physical proof of investment activities. The company only provides email contact, and it is suspected that some members of its staff may have stolen data. While this may seem suspicious, cryptocurrency is a form of asset that no government can control. While governments are doing their best to protect investors, it is a largely unregulated industry.

King Finance trade is run by the same people who operated Watermine, which is another crypto mining Ponzi scheme. Unlike Watermine, King Finance does not offer a refund. It closes accounts without valid reasons and also requires its customers to upgrade their plans. Furthermore, King Finance is run by anonymous individuals who do not provide the SEC regulation necessary to operate a legitimate business. Despite this, King Finance offers the same percentage of commission to its affiliates as Watermine, but has no trade license, a key sign of a MLM Ponzi scheme.

In 2008, Bernard Madoff was convicted of operating a Ponzi scheme. Madoff fabricated trading reports and falsely reported his client’s profits. Madoff died in prison on April 14, 2021. As a result, the company continues to operate in countries where it has been prohibited. There is no guarantee that this will stop, so if you’re thinking about investing in King Finance trade, make sure to think twice before you make your decision.

king finance trade is not regulated by SEC

The rise of king finance trading has made it difficult to monitor the investments that are being made. The stock exchanges have enacted rules to ensure that these investments are transparent, but the kings of finance are often taking advantage of this situation. A new regulation could make it harder for kings of finance to do so. While this is still a work in progress, many investors are skeptical of the regulation.

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