Investment Banking Vs Consulting

Investment Banking Vs Consulting, Investment banking and consulting are similar in some ways, but differ in tactics. Both fields employ the use of research assistants, who apply knowledge to large amounts of data in order to make a compelling case for their clients. These individuals also help firms develop a compelling story line that they can use to convince investors of the value of a merger or acquisition. For this reason, investment banking is particularly attractive to companies that are heavily reliant on mergers and acquisitions to make a profit.

Career opportunities

A career in consulting is different from a career in investment banking, although both have their advantages. There are many differences between the two, and it all depends on what your goal is. If money, perks, and exploration are important, you may want to consider a career in investment banking. But if you value intellectual challenge, exploration, and making a meaningful impact, you may want to consider consulting. Whichever path you choose, it is important to keep both aspects in mind when choosing between consulting and investment banking.


The question of salary for consulting vs investment banking often comes up when prospective employees compare both career paths. The former pays a lot more, especially for new associates who have just graduated. But the latter does not offer a high work-life balance, with few weekends off and four weeks of vacation in the first year. This is because consulting firms offer many more benefits and a more flexible work schedule than investment banks.


Among the differences between investment banking and consulting is the focus on incremental work, which requires more business knowledge and specialized training. Investment banking requires a thorough understanding of financial statements and how companies are financed. Consulting positions also require more endurance and a broader scope of expertise. The following are the differences between the two career paths:

Regional differences

There are important regional differences between investment banking and consulting. The compensation of investment bankers is generally higher than that of management consultants, ranging from fifty percent to one hundred percent higher at most levels. In addition, a consultant’s time is paid by the hour, while an investment banker is compensated by closed deals. The amount of time that an investment banker spends closing a deal does not scale with the size of the deal.


There is a stark difference between consulting and investment banking, and the pay between these two professions is significantly different. While a new associate at a consulting firm can easily earn over $100,000 in their first year, the same person in investment banking may only make half that. The compensation gap between these two professions increases over time as people progress through their careers. Listed below are the differences between the two fields and what you should consider when choosing between these two careers.

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