GauchoRico and Saul’s Investment Discussion

GauchoRico and Saul’s Investment Discussion, GauchoRico and Saul’s investment discussion was a rousing success. GauchoRico’s experience with stocks, Saul’s research interests, and their relationship with each other are discussed. Below are some of the highlights of the discussion. Read on to learn more!……………………………………….

GauchoRico’s stock investing experience

GauchoRico first started learning about stocks shortly after the early 1990s. As of the date of this article, he has been investing in the stock market for more than twenty-eight years. However, experience does not necessarily mean skill level. In fact, the years of experience do not always reflect a person’s ability to make the best investment decisions. Therefore, readers of this blog are encouraged to do their own research and make their own decisions.

The pen name of the investor GauchoRico comes from the UC Santa Barbara Gauchos mascot. The investor has previously used the name GauchoChris, but changed his name to GauchoRico in the fall of 2014. In early 2014, he met Saul Rosenthal, a long-time stock portfolio investor who had similar returns to Warren Buffett in twenty-five years. During that time, GauchoRico began studying Saul’s buy/sell decisions, analyzing his opinions and thinking processes. Saul and GauchoRico forged a close friendship over time, and eventually started comparing notes and ideas.

Saul’s research interests

While a Ph.D. candidate at Arizona State University, Saul Arciniega Esparza has a wide range of interests that span the fields of oceanography, environmental science, and programming. His research focuses on the estimation of water impacts from shale oil and gas activities and the application of remote sensing products to water management. Among his other research interests, Saul has expertise in groundwater modeling and geoinformatics.

Before joining IZA, Saul held a variety of positions, including non-executive director of Barings Emerging Markets and a member of the Academic Panel of Postcomm. He also served as a consultant for several organizations. His passion for teaching and research has led him to pursue a career in academia. Upon graduation, he will begin his Master’s in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UC Davis.

GauchoRico’s relationship with Saul

The name of the fictitious individual investor is a reference to the UC Santa Barbara Gauchos. Born in Puerto Rico, GauchoRico’s father wanted to name him after the famous football team, but his mother refused. Born recently, GauchoRico didn’t speak Spanish yet, but his father decided to name him after the legendary player. His interest in stocks and stock trading dates back to the sixth grade. In the series, he began tracking one stock over a period of time.

During his time in the army, GauchoRico learned about stocks and opened his first brokerage account. He has 28 years of experience in investing, but it doesn’t mean he is an expert in the field. Rather, his experience has taught him to be a better investor. Though GauchoRico is no financial expert, he has the necessary knowledge to make wise investments. In addition, he is an advocate of the Bill Wilson campaign.

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